Month: September 2017


Be it newspapers, television, radio, our android devices or laptops, the most common thing to all of these are advertisements. Advertisement has invariably become the chief source for publicizing any product for it to sell in the market. With the rise in advertisements, advertising services have seen a sharp upsurge in the corporate sector.

advertising services
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In order to launch a product in the market, an ad-agency uses three kinds of methods as deemed fit by the marketing and creative team.

  • PRINT – All the advertisements that you come across with catchy phrases and colourful designs are an effort by these agencies to promote a certain product of the brand. This include: brochures, newspapers, pamphlets and leaflets.
  • RADIO – Most of us who travel a lot with their soul companion as the FM app must have come across advertisements of different brands.
  • DIGITAL – All the videos, facebook, twitter posts and the Google pop-ups are a result of digital advertisements.
  • CAMPAIGNS – These mainly include awareness campaigns, flash mobs and other on-ground activities that endorse a certain product.

For big companies, most of the times it’s a 360 degree campaign to ensure the turn-outs are big! A better example would be the launch of Jio! The four pronged campaign was an instant hit in the market.


Since we have less time to go through print and other media, digital media is the most resourceful in drawing our attention towards a video or post. None the less, the traffic or views are not always organic, it’s paid traffic. At times, companies pay to boost their views. This works in their favor and is considered a fair price for marketing and advertising.